Our Music


Organ music and congregational singing play an important and appreciated role in the life of our church.

St Mary’s is a traditional Episcopalian congregation and the Sunday 10.15am choral services either the 1970 and 1982 Liturgies of the Scottish Episcopal Church. The 1970 mass setting is Merbecke, with a more modern setting by Appleford for the 1982 service. The congregation are good and happy singers and are led by a small robed choir singing from the choir stalls.

When Merbecke is sung, there is also a sung psalm to Anglican chant.

The hymn book we use is Hymns Old and New (New Anglican Edition) with the addition of more modern material compiled in St Mary’s own hymn-book.

There are two fine musical instruments: The 2 manual and pedal Forster and Andrews organ has new, responsive mechanical action throughout and high quality pipe-work; we also have a historically important 18th century chamber organ by Samuel Green in excellent condition. More detailed information can be found at the Organs page.

St Mary’s building, with its excellent acoustics, is a good venue for recitals and concerts and is frequently used by various music groups.