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Weekly Notices Sunday 17 April

This week’s Rector’s reflection:  The Sheep and the Shepherd Last Sunday, we read of Peter being thrice asked whether he loved the Lord. And upon replying, ‘Yes’, Jesus told him to ‘feed my sheep.’ In this morning’s gospel, we read

Weekly Notices Sunday 10 April

This week’s Rector’s reflection: The Resurrection and the Church Before converting to Christianity and being renamed Paul, Saul was an aggressive persecutor of the early church. Curiously, we read in Acts 9 this morning that when the resurrected Lord confronts Saul,

Weekly Notices Sunday 3 April

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Resurrection and Creation. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 that if Christ has not been raised then Christian faith and preaching is in vain. The centrality of the resurrection for Christian faith is not merely because

Weekly Notices Sunday 20 March

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Wrath and Sloth. The final pair of the seven deadly sins is wrath and sloth. Both wrath and sloth are inappropriate ways of dealing with obstacles or difficulty. Both are forms of impatience with the world.

Weekly Notices Sunday 13 March

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Avarice and Gluttony. Continuing on with our reflection on the seven deadly sins, we consider avarice and gluttony. If envy and lust are pride turned toward other human beings, avarice and gluttony are pride directed toward the

Weekly Notices Sunday 6 March

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Envy and Lust. Last week, we said pride is the source of the seven deadly sins. Pride reduces all things to their utility to the self. Envy and lust are pride turned toward other human beings.

Weekly Notices Sunday 28 February

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Pride. It is often remarked that pride was the first sin, as the story of Adam and Eve in the garden is goes awry when the couple decided they knew the creation better than the Creator.

Weekly Notices Sunday 7 February

This week’s Rector’s reflection: AGM. Boring! Uninformative! Plodding! Yes, I’ve been to a few AGM’s. But despite their tedium, AGM’s are very significant and can be a catalyst for further development of the parish. A successful AGM assesses the previous

Weekly Notices Sunday 31 Januray

This week’s Rector’s reflection: I am only a boy. The reading from Jeremiah describes the commissioning of Jeremiah to be a prophet of the Lord. It is interesting on many levels. Perhaps most notably, it continues a deep scriptural theme of

Weekly notices Sunday 24 January

This week’s Rector’s reflection: The Spirit of the Lord  What happened when Jesus read Isaiah 61.1-2a in the synagogue? Our gospel reading says people’s eyes were fixed upon him. Something happened. Something clicked. The penny dropped. The reader and the