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Weekly notices – 28 August 2016

This week’s Rector’s reflection:  Honour and Love I’ve just returned from the memorial for my doctoral supervisor. Professor John Webster passed away on the 25th of May, two days after and one year younger than my father. One of the

Weekly notices – 21 August 2016

This week’s Rector’s reflection:  Honouring Mary Who was Mary? A strong, courageous woman? A caring and compassionate mother? An incredible person of faith? All of the above, and much, much more. But for Christians, Mary is given three titles: the

Weekly notices – 14 August 2016

This week’s Rector’s reflection:  Mission at St Mary’s In early May, the Vestry visited Aberdeen Christian Fellowship (ACF) as part of its ongoing conversation on developing our mission at St Mary’s. ACF has experienced much growth and has numerous outreach

Weekly notices – 8 August 2016

This week’s Rector’s reflection:  What do you see? It is so very easy to live our lives based on what’s right in front of us. It is so very easy to take every issue, task or problem as urgent and

Weekly notices – 5 June 2016

  Services and Activities in the coming week: Wednesday 8 June: 10:00am:  Holy Communion Sunday 12 June: 8:00am: Holy Communsion 10:15am: Sung Eucharist Upcoming events:    Summer Bible Study: starting in June, we will have a fortnightly Bible study. If you are

Weekly notices – 22 May

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Trinity  The doctrine of the Trinity teaches that God eternally exists as three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There were several reasons why the church came to officially articulate this doctrine in the Nicene Creed in

Weekly Notices Sunday 20 March

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Wrath and Sloth. The final pair of the seven deadly sins is wrath and sloth. Both wrath and sloth are inappropriate ways of dealing with obstacles or difficulty. Both are forms of impatience with the world.

Weekly Notices Sunday 28 February

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Pride. It is often remarked that pride was the first sin, as the story of Adam and Eve in the garden is goes awry when the couple decided they knew the creation better than the Creator.

Weekly notices Sunday 24 January

This week’s Rector’s reflection: The Spirit of the Lord  What happened when Jesus read Isaiah 61.1-2a in the synagogue? Our gospel reading says people’s eyes were fixed upon him. Something happened. Something clicked. The penny dropped. The reader and the

Weekly notices Sunday 10 January

This week’s Rector’s reflection: Baptism of the Lord  The Baptism of Christ is celebrated now, during the season of Epiphany, because it is one of the moments when Jesus’ true identity is revealed. Last week, for the feast of Epiphany, we