Get Involved

We have an active congregation with a significant number participating in the life of our church and there are a number of roles which we invite those in our community to be take part in. Please speak to the Rector if you would like to get involved in any way.

Servers, Choir members and the Rector during a Sunday 10:15 service

During a Sunday 10:15am Sung Eucharist service

  • Cleaning:  meet on a Saturday Morning to prepare the Church for Sunday and the week ahead.
  • Coffee:  serve coffee to the congregation after the Sunday 10:15am service.
  • Flowers:  create the flower arrangements within our Church.
  • Intercessions:  lead us in prayer during the Sunday 10:15am and Wednesday 10:00am Services
  • Reading:  read at the Sunday 10:15am and the Wednesday 10:00am services.
  • Servers:  serve at the Altar during the Sunday 10:15am service.
  • Sidesmen:  hand out and collect books, and take the collection during the Sunday 10:15 service.
  • Sound:  operate the sound system during the 8:00am and 10:15am Sunday services.

In addition, you may also feel called to a specific ministry within one of the following teams:

  • Fundraising and Social Group:  organise our fundraising and other social events.
  • Information and Communications Group:  responsible for how we communicate with, and reach out to both our church family, and to the wider community.
  • Pastoral Care Team:  visit members of the congregation at the request of the Rector.
  • Sunday School Leaders: Organising and running activities for the children who attend Sunday School.
  • Lunchtime Fellowship Team: Plan and lead the monthly Lunchtime Fellowship service.