Weekly notices – 28 August 2016

This week’s Rector’s reflection:  Honour and Love

I’ve just returned from the memorial for my doctoral supervisor. Professor John Webster passed away on the 25th of May, two days after and one year younger than my father. One of the statements repeated throughout the service and in the various memorials was that, although he was perhaps the greatest theologian of our time, John had little interest in his reputation or exploiting it against others. John enjoyed the study of God, and he enjoyed the company of those who were serious about it rather than their prestige. For John, using theology as a method of self-promotion not only missed the point; it was contrary to the very purpose of theology: honouring God. In today’s Gospel, we read of people so focused on their own honour that they could not see the most honourable person, Jesus Christ. He tells us that whoever exalts themselves will be humbled. Elsewhere he tells us that the meek shall inherit the earth. The only honour that is genuine, that satisfies is the honour of those who honour God.

Services and Activities in the coming week:

  • Tuesday 30 August:
    • 12:30pm: Lunchtime Fellowship
  • Wednesday 31 August:
    • 10:00am:  Holy Communion
  • Sunday 4 September:
    • 8:00am: Holy Communsion
    • 10:15am: Sung Eucharist

Upcoming events: 

Flower Rota: the new rota is available in the back to sign up and donate flowers through February 2017

Bottle in the Box: there are 3 bottles this time. Pop your £2 in the envelope and write your name next to the bottle you hope to win.

Spree Books are available. £20, £5 of which goes to St Mary’s. See Mary Allardyce

Organ Recital: 1 October at 8pm by John Riley of Edinburgh: Musical Discoveries and Conjectures. Chauvet; Gigout; Linke; Wachs; J. S. Bach in East London; Brahms and a Lady on a Bicycle; Postman Pat’s Bad Day; Improvisations on submitted themes. Free entry, donations welcome.

Harvest Sunday: on the 2nd of October, we will celebrate Harvest Sunday. There will be a bring and share lunch after service. Please come along!

10er Challenge Save £10/week for one year, to help with the cost of replacing our failing heating system.

You can contact the office by email using office@stmaryscardenplace.org.uk. Please send any material for the website to website@stmaryscardenplace.org.uk