Weekly notices – Sunday 8 January

Rectors reflection: On Baptism

Today we celebrate the baptism of our Saviour. That Christ was baptised indicates that he entered fully into our condition, that he is fully one of us. He comes to us under Law. He comes to us in our state of disobedience. He works and lives within our alienation from God. He prays with us for renewal. Yet Jesus does not undergo the waters of baptism as one who needs cleansing but as the one who cleanses us. He is the Saviour. In his baptism, the baptismal waters are hallowed and infused with the Spirit of holiness and life. This is why the baptism of Christ parallels the creation of the world. In Genesis, creation begins with the Spirit of God hovering over the waters and a voice saying ‘Let there be…’. When Christ is baptised, there is the Spirit descending and the voice of the Father, saying ‘Listen to him…’ We begin listening to him when we follow him in the waters of baptism and beyond.

Services and Activities in the coming week:

  • Wednesday 11 January:
    • 10:00am:  Holy Communion
  • Sunday 15 December:
    • 8:00am: Holy Communsion
    • 10:15am: Sung Eucharist

Upcoming events: 

Lunchtime Fellowship: 12.30pm on Tuesday, 31 January. Lunch follows a time of prayer and praise.

Annual General Meeting: will occur after service on Sunday, 5 February. Any questions must be submitted in writing no less than two weeks prior to the Vestry Secretary, Dave Dillard.


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